SELA Committees

Web site Committee

The SELA Web site Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the web site as a means of informing and communicating with the membership of the Association's activities.


The responsible of the Legislative Committee, which is composed of State Representatives, is to provide leadership for positive action to state and national legislation on issues of importance to the library professions.


The Membership Committee will maintain and expand the membership rolls of SELA.

SELA offers a mentoring program to support librarians as they develop within their the profession and the Association.


The Planning Committee serves as the strategic planning agency of the Association. The Committee identifies trends and issues of concern and proposes strategies to meet them within the SELA area.

Public Relations and Marketing

The Public Relations and Marketing Committee will promote The Association, its libraries and the region, epecially through networks with state associations and through social media.


The Awards Committee has oversight for all Association awards. The Committee establishes criteria and procedures for selection, publicizes, solicits nominations, recommends recipients, and announces awards and plans and implements presentations. (Honorary Membership, Outstanding Author, Outstanding Library Program, Resolutions, Rothrock, Southern Books) Committees - Descriptive Paragraph

Conference Committee

The Conference and Exhibits Committee has responsibility for all local arrangements for the biennial conference. The Committee acts as the liaison among SELA, member associations and library vendors serving the Southeast. The Committee facilitates communication and promotes positive relationships among all parties involved in staging the biennial conference.

Constitution and Handbook Committee

The Constitution and Handbook Committee has the responsibility for regularly reviewing and making recommendations to update the Association Constitution and Bylaws. The Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the SELA Handbook for use by the Board, Officers and membership.

Continuing Education and Staff Development Committee

The purpose of the Continuing Education and Staff Development Committee are to promote continuing education and staff development throughout the SELA region. Information on educational activities of interest to area library personnel is to be collected and disseminated to personnel throughout the region.

Intellectual Freedom Committee

The responsibility of the Intellectual Freedom Committee is to provide guidance in areas of intellectual freedom to libraries and individuals in the SELA region.