The Southeastern Librarian

The Southeastern Librarian (SELn) is the official publication of the Southeastern Library Association (SELA). The quarterly publication seeks to publish articles, announcements, and news of professional interest to the library community in the southeast. The publication also represents a significant means for addressing the Association's research objective. The quarterly issues contain juried articles, book reviews, as well as SELA, state, and library personnel news.

Guidelines for Submissions and Author Instructions

  • Articles need not be of a scholarly nature but should address professional concerns of the library community. SELn particularly seeks articles that have a broad southeastern scope and/or address topics identified as timely or important by SELA sections, round tables, or committees.
  • News releases, newsletters, clippings, and journals from libraries, state associations, and groups throughout the region may be used as sources of information.
  • Submissions should be directed to:  Ashley S. Dees, SELn Editor, 1 Library Loop, University, MS 38677. Phone (662) 915-7933. E-mail:
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in electronic format as attachment to an e-mail, preferably in MS Word or compatible format.  Articles should be written in a grammatically correct, simple, readable style. The author is responsible for the accuracy of all statements in the article and should provide complete and accurate bibliographic citations. Although longer or shorter works may be considered, 2,000- to 5,000-word manuscripts are most suitable.
  • Notes should appear at the end of the manuscript in a section titled "References." The editor will refer to the latest edition of APA for capitalization, punctuation, quotations, tables, captions, and elements of bibliographic style.
  • The name, position, and professional address of the author should appear in the bottom left-hand corner of a separate title page. The author's name should not appear anywhere else in the document.
  • Photographs will be accepted for consideration but cannot be returned.  Digital images are preferred.
  • No other publisher should be simultaneously considering a manuscript submitted to SELn until that manuscript is returned or the editor provides written permission.
  • If the manuscript includes analyses of survey results, please acknowledge approval by the appropriate Institutional Review Board either through direct reference in the manuscript or acknowledgement as part of the manuscript submission.
  • Upon receipt, a manuscript will be acknowledged by the editor. Incoming manuscripts are added to a manuscript bank from which articles are selected for each issue. The editor assigns manuscripts to at least two reviewers who receive the manuscript with no direct information on the author or the author's affiliation. Following the review, a decision will be communicated to the writer. A definite publication date is given prior to publication. Publication can be expected within twelve months.
  • Beginning with Vol. 51, #3 (2003), The Southeastern Librarian has entered into an agreement to license electronic publishing rights to H. W. Wilson Company.  Authors agree to assign copyright of manuscripts to The Southeastern Library Association, subject to certain limited licenses granted back to the author. 
  • Advertisements may be purchased.  The appearance of an ad does not imply endorsement or sponsorship by SELA. Contact the editor for further information.
  • Readers who wish to comment on articles in the journal should address the letters to the editor. Letters should be succinct, no longer than 200 words. Letters will be published on a space available basis.