The Southeastern Librarian

Guidelines for Book Reviewers

The reviewer should contact the SELn editor with the title and publisher information of the book they are requesting to review. The editor will request a review copy from the publisher. If a review copy from the publisher is not available, the SELn will not be able to provide a copy for review.

Guidelines for book reviews:

  • Titles should have been published within the past two years.
  • The work should have some connection to the Southern USA, either by content or the author’s association with the south, or to libraries and librarianship.
  • Suggested length is 500-750 words. Shorter or longer submissions will also be considered.
  • Include a brief summary, a description of how the work contributes or is relevant to the Southern USA or libraries and librarianship, and a recommendation of the appropriate readership.
  • Create the review in MS Word and begin the review with the title, author or editor, publisher, date, ISBN, and price.
  • End the review with the reviewer’s name and library or affiliation.

Solicited book reviews from the SELn editor will receive preferential consideration.

Submissions will be judged on writing style, content and perceived interest to the readership of the journal. Reviews may be edited for brevity or clarity.

Please forward reviews and any questions to  Ashley S. Dees, SELn Editor, 1 Library Loop, University, MS 38677. Phone (662) 915-7933. E-mail: