The Southeastern Librarian

Guidelines for Article Reviewers

The Southeastern Librarian (SELn) is a peer reviewed journal using double-blind peer review of article submissions before publication. The editor assigns submissions to at least two reviewers who receive the submission with no direct information on the author or the author's affiliation. Reviewers address the content and style of the submission.


  • should read and return manuscripts to the editor within four weeks. A due date for reviewer feedback will be provided once a submission has been assigned to a reviewer.
  • must submit a SELn article review form for each submission that is reviewed. Reviewer feedback will not be accepted through any format other than the SELn article review form.
  • should be specific with feedback, the most important part of marking a manuscript is to provide concrete, specific examples for the author. For example, rather than suggesting that the author eliminate unnecessary words or tighten organization, provide the specific page and line number of where the change should occur along with an example. Providing specifics will reduce the number of revisions needed to bring an article to publication.
  • should supply citations, when possible, to any significant information that the author might use or cite in the piece to strengthen it and make it more relevant to readers.

For more information about SELA's The Southeastern Librarian, please contact  Ashley S. Dees, SELn Editor, 1 Library Loop, University, MS 38677. Phone (662) 915-7933. E-mail: