SELA Mentoring Program

SELA Mentoring Program

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What is a Mentor?

What is a Mentee?

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Southeastern Library Association Mentoring Program


The Southeastern Library Association is proud and honored to have you join their Mentoring Program. As a mentor, you are providing librarians, library science students. or library assistants/support staff/paralibrarians with an understanding of what librarianship is all about. Plus, you are helping them to understand the importance of volunteerism and professional involvement. As a mentee, you are the future of librarianship and the strength of library associations, such as the Southeastern Library Association.

We hope you will enjoy your year* as either a mentor or mentee in the Southeastern Library Association Mentoring Program. The future of the mentoring program is dependent on you. As a mentee, this program will provide experience and guidance from a knowledgeable library professional. As a mentor, the program will provide an opportunity to give back to the profession, model volunteerism, and help guide the future of librarianship.

Both as a mentor and mentee, your involvement in the Southeastern Library Association will bring many benefits to you, your colleagues, and the Southeastern Library Association.

  • Your involvement is necessary.
  • Your guidance is appreciated.
  • Your experience is critical.
  • Your support is helpful.

NOTE: The SELA Mentoring program can run for either one or two years, depending on the needs and goals of the mentor and mentee.