SELA Centennial Celebration

SELA’s centennial anniversary will be observed at both the forthcoming 2020 joint virtual conference with the Georgia Library Association on October 7-9 and at a special event to take place at Signal Mountain, Tennessee on November 12, the exact date on hundred years ago when what became known as the Southeastern Library Association was established.  View the ALA Tribute Resolution Honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Southeastern Library Association (SELA).


SELA has benefited greatly from excellent leadership throughout the years. To get their point of view, watch interviews with past SELA presidents.

SELA Centennial Club

Please help SELA celebrate by joining the Centennial Club and making a contribution for financial support today. Donors may elect to have their name listed on the SELA website or donate in honor of a friend or family member. Join using the online payment option or complete the PDF form and mail it to the address provided on the form.

View the list of SELA Centennial Club donors. If there are any corrections/omissions to the donor list, please contact Camille McCutcheon.

On November 12, 1920, one hundred librarians from seven Southeastern states met in Signal Mountain, Tennessee at the first Southeastern Librarians’ Conference.  A centennial celebration is being planned on the day and the location where SELA began, November 12th at Signal Mountain, Tennessee. Our gathering will be at the Signal Mountain Library (additional information will be forthcoming).  We hope that you will be able to attend this once in a 100-year celebration.

1922 SELA Conference, Signal Mountain, TN, Nov. 2-4, 1922 (2nd biennial conference)
1924 SELA Conference, Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC, Oct. 16-18, 1924 (3rd biennial conference)
SELA Centennial Celebration

The Centennial Committee is comprised of the following:

  • Camille McCutcheon, Chair
  • Linda Harris
  • Bev James
  • Hal Mendelsohn
  • Muriel Nero
  • Preston Salisbury

Ex Officio:

  • Melissa Dennis, President
  • Crystal Gates, President-Elect
  • Tim Dodge, Past President
  • Vicki Gregory, Treasurer
  • Kristin Rogers, Secretary
  • Gordon Baker, Administrative Services
  • (Camille McCutcheon, Archivist)