Ginny Frankenthaler Memorial Scholarship

Ginny Frankenthaler
Ginny Frankenthaler Biography
The Ginny Frankenthaler Memorial Scholarship in Library Science is made possible through the generosity of of Bud Frankenthaler, husband of Ginny Frankenthaler. Mrs. Frankenthaler believed that our free library system is the basis for a good life and that the greatest gifts a human being can have are good memories and education, both of which are supplied free by our public library system.


The purpose of the scholarship is to recruit beginning professional librarians who possess potential for leadership and commitment to service in libraries in the Southeastern United States*. The scholarship provides financial assistance towards completion of the graduate degree in library science from an institution accredited by the American Library Association.


The $1,000 scholarship is awarded every two years. The recipient of the scholarship will be notified in July, with funding to begin with the fall school term.

To apply for the scholarship, submit the following to and include your last name in the subject line of all correspondences:

  1. Official application form (Word file) OR Official application form (PDF)
  2. Letter (OR email) of acceptance from a library school accredited by the American Library Association
  3. Three letters of recommendation emailed directly from the references
  4. Official transcripts of all academic work sent electronically from each institution of higher education

The recipient of the scholarship must:
  1. Be completing the senior year of an accredited college or university or be a graduate of such an institution
  2. Be accepted as a student in a degree program accredited by the American Library Association
  3. Be ready to begin the program of study no later than the fall term of the year in which the scholarship is awarded
  4. Indicate the intention to complete degree requirements within three years. If the degree is not completed in this length of time, the money awarded must be returned with interest.
  5. Maintain a B grade point average throughout the program and submit grade reports at the end of each term
  6. Agree to work for one year following graduation from library school in a school, public or academic library in the southeastern United States. If, after graduation, the recipient does not work for one year in a school, public or academic library in the Southeastern United States, the recipient must pay back the amount of the scholarship, including interest. Repayment must be made within a two year period.

This scholarship is awarded every even year. Applications are due by the deadline of June 1st, even years only.. Selection will be based on the application and supporting documents. Factors that will be considered in making the award include academic excellence, potential for leadership, commitment to library service, and financial need. Other considerations being equal, residents of Liberty County, Georgia, or Southeastern Georgia will be given preference. Mrs. Frankenthaler was a native of Liberty County, Georgia.

*Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia