Connstitution and Handbook Committee


To maintain an updated handbook for the use of the officers, Executive Board, committee chairmen and the membership.



The Handbook was created by a special Handbook Committee chaired by Mary Louise Rheay during the 1970-72 biennium, incorporating an operational manual, developed by President Hoyt Galvin and Executive Secretary Ann Cobb in 1963. Afterwards, the committee was called the Handbook Revision Committee. A name change to Handbook Committee and standing committee status were approved by the Executive Board in 1981. The 1982 Handbook was published and distributed to the entire membership. The 1982 Handbook Committee included a new history that was extensively researched, and sections were revised and expanded to reflect changes made in the 1980 revised Constitution.

The 1988 Handbook Committee updated information and designed a handbook that could be added to without a complete reprinting of the main content. Because of extensive changes and additions in the next few years, another revision was created in 1992, with the same flexibility designed into it.